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“If you have not seen Jenn yet you need to do so IMMEDIATELY. Seriously, there is nothing this girl can’t do from color to cut to makeup, the whole 9. She can take one person and seriously make them look like a gorgeous natural blonde, and then the next will be an insanely amazing edgey haircut with amazing designs! There is seriously nothing she can’t do. The biggest mistake you could ever make is not requesting her, no joke. Her precision is immaculate, always professional, basically spoils you so you have the best experience possible. She takes her time and won’t let you leave till you are absolutely perfect. Not only is it such a pleasure to relax and get my hair done but I have followed her now from 3 salons because I won’t let anyone ever touch my hair but her! From the super cool, edgey salon, to her massage and facial treatments you walk out of there floating on air. Do yourself a HUGE favor and treat yourself! Seriously! I promise you won’t regret it.”

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